Mujhee choose black for her new Eid shoe.

Remember on the previous post about Mujhee wanting to buy a new pair of green shoes at the shop. (You can read it here.) Can you believe it, I went around to all the shoe shops looking for a green shoe for Mujhee but I couldn't find any? I told my mother that I could not find any green shoes and she suggested to ask Mujhee to choose another colour. With my mum, I said to Mujhee using the PODD communication book about not finding the green shoe. I asked her to choose a different colour. She choose black which was not so hard to get.

I like the fact that she recognises her family members and familiar people; and has a strong relationship with them in her life.

Mujhee has no speech and will rely on gestures, facial expression and body language to communicate needs or feelings. Communication systems for people with this level of disability generally rely on photographs or objects to support understanding. For example, a chair or a photograph of a chair may be used with the spoken question: ‘Would you like to sit here?’

Alhamdulillah, before Eid I got her a black flat shoes and she loves it. She gave a big smile when she saw them.


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