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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mujhee thinks her new postural seat is fun.

The customised postural seat for Mujhee's
wheelchair without covers.
Me: I'm asking a question
What do you think?
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wheelchair (the customised postural seat).

Mujhee: I like this

Me: more to say, I'm asking a question
You need to tell me Yes or No
colours (for the postural seat covers).

Mujhee: red, yellow or green - yes (she nods her head)
red - yes (she nods her head again).

Me: I like this

Mujhee: smile.

You can read about her previous wheelchair post here.

1 comment:

Ikhtiar.Sofea.Azzahra said...

adorable pastel pink
How much it cost?