Garden Blitz: May Allah grant me Jannah.

Jarrah forrest in Freemantle, Western Australia.
Let me tell you about our home. We moved into this house in January, 2011. I call it "The Green House" as it has green roof tiles. Not only does it have green roof tiles, it's floors and it's walls are all green too. On top of that it has green kitchen cabinets. I felt like it is too green inside but the outside of this house is not so green. Meaning it lacking in green lawn, trees and plants. All I can see is sand, and when the kids entered the house they are covered in dust and dirt from the sand into the house.

On May last year, Mujhee's Local Area Coordinator from Disability Services Commission asked me if we would like to apply for the Garden Blitz. I thought it was a great idea so we agreed and submitted an application. Alhamdulillah, on August we found out that we were picked for the blitz. I felt so overwhelmed like I received a part of Jannah but on the earth instead. Subhana Allah, I wonder how I would feel if I got to enter Jannah in the hereafter. It would be my goal. I'll tell you why later.

Masha Allah, on the end October and early November last year about ten hardworking and enthusiastic people from NS Projects and my lovely family came together to our humble house to do our garden. I was very grateful. When Allah loves you, He guides and helps you. I feel so blessed and can't thank them enough for their great service to us especially and the community. Now, we have to wait and see the plants growing. Here is the link for the news Canning Times, 26th November, 2013 page 32 or Grass is greener for local family - inMyCommunity - Perth, Western Australia

Our backyard.
I like green so much. Green is usually associated with nature, growth and environment. I guess that explain who I am.  I appreciate looking at the beauty of natural greenery. I respect and care for our environment. I am  passioate about improving myself. I love the green dome on the Prophet's masjid in Madinah.

I wish Allah would grant me Jannah so I could  enter it. Why I would want to enter Jannah so much? One of many reasons I would hope to enter Jannah is that I would love to get Mujhee to smile at me when I smile at her. In Jannah, I'll get Mujhee to hug me back when I hug her. I can get her to give me kisses. I can hear her talking to me and telling me how she loves me. In Jannah, I can see her moving around without her wheelchair. In Jannah, I'll to see her sitting by herself and when she wants to change her position while she was sleeping she can do it herself. In Jannah, I would like to see her walking and running freely. I want to see her able to do whatever activities she likes in Jannah. In sha Allah one day I would see all of these.

I ask the Lord who owns Mujhee soul, to give me Jannah, ameen.

Indeed Allah is Al Wahhab, The Constant Giver of Gifts, who is given out of love and mercy and not in exchange for anything. He is Al Mujeeb, The One Who Responds. He responds to our need or our call. He is Al Ghaniy, He is not in need of anyone or anything but we are in need of Him.


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