A cuddle can make me happy.

Last night Muja was crying like any other nights. It is her way of telling us something is wrong. Masha Allah. Like always Tas, Muja's sister, shows her concerned to Muja. She came up with a drawing of happy and sad smilies. Then she presented them to Muja. Muja looked away when she pointed to her the happy face. Muja kept looking at the sad face when she showed it to her. So she concluded that her little sister was sad and told me about what she had found. I said to Tas that maybe Muja will be happy if she gives her a hug. She hugs Muja and Muja smiles. Tas was so happy that she just made Muja smile.

Alhamdulillah, I am so proud of Tas. She always expresses her care for Muja. She made du'a for her especially when she is unwell and can't go to sleep. Although she is only 7, she tried her own way to communicate with Muja. She knows that Muja has something to say even she cannot utters any words. When Muja is crying, she asked her if something is wrong. She would suggest that Muja needs reposition because she is uncomfortable. She would ask me if Muja is hungry or thirsty. If Muja is hungry, she asks her older sister to feed Muja. If Muja is thirsty, she feeds her with water through the tube using a syringe. If she doesn't know what to do, she asks someone to help with Muja. When Muja drool, she wipes it. When Muja nose running, she rubs it. When I wash Muja, Tas helps with rubbing her body with soap and shampooing her hair. When Muja needs a nappy change, Tas gets the clean nappy and throws the dirty one in the bin. Tas will do anything for her little sister Muja. Is this love?

Today, Tas taught me about unconditional love. Allahu Akbar. Thank you Tas for showing how caring you are to Muja. Thank you Tas for your patience with Muja. Thank you Tas for believing the power of prayer and never give up praying for Muja well being. Thank you Tas for pointing to me that with simple hugs it can make someone happy. Alhamdulillah – all praise be to Allah.


Tas is a wonderfully caring and loving big sister.
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Hi Glenda

Thank you for your visit and kind words

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