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Mujhee hearing aids is missing

When Mujhee sleeping time all get mix up.

A new postural suit for Mujhee.

Mujhee's fourth AFOs

Mujhee's tonsils surgery.

If Allah helps you, none can over come you;

Great videos of CECWA - Conductive Education Centre of WA

ENT appointment and shedule for tonsils surgery.

Happy Eid 2010

If you don't sleep I'll brush your teeth.

Custom made chair for Mujhee's wheelchair.

Mujhee sleeping management.

Meeting with Mujhee's new therapist team.

A visit to Independent Living Centre.

More assessments for hearing

Review Mujhee's wheelchair.

Conductive Education Holiday Programme

Alhamdulillah, Mujhee's cast is off

Changing blog name to Mujhee